Why Choose Cox & Company大发彩票手机网站-首页?

Focus & Capabilities

Cox & Company大发彩票手机网站-首页 remains dedicated to providing in-flight Ice Protection and Temperature Control solutions to its customers, and employs some of the world's leading scientists and engineers in these fields.

Independent Ownership

Cox & Company大发彩票手机网站-首页 is 100% Employee Owned (ESOP) and operated 大发彩票手机网站-首页


Cox & Company大发彩票手机网站-首页 was founded during World War II to solve the United States Military's in-flight icing challenges, and continues to remain in business for over 75 years.  Thanks to the continued support of its customers, Cox celebrated its 75th year of continuous business in January 2019.大发彩票手机网站-首页

Full Life-of-Product Support

Cox provides all aspects of product design and support to our customers: 
-Requirements Definition
-System Design & Development
-Manufacturing: Avionics & Structures
-Qualification Testing & Certification Support
-On-site Repair (Part 145) Station & Field Support

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